California Consumers' Rights Request Form

This Form is for use by California Consumers to submit requests under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regarding their personal information.
If you ARE NOT a California Consumers, please DO NOT use this form.

More information can be found in our privacy policy at www.VAUGHANNELSON.COM/CCPA.html

If you are a California resident but also a Vaughan Nelson client with questions or concerns about your personal information, feel free to directly contact your client service representative at 713.224.2545. Upon receipt of this request, Vaughan Nelson will:

   *   Confirm receipt of this request within 10 days

   *   Undertake to verify the Consumer (requestor) making the request
       (direct contact may be necessary, if available, for verification depending on the sensitivity of the information requested)

   *   Once able to verify the request, provide a response within 45days (90 days when reasonably necessary and notice is provided to the Consumer in the
       first 45 days)

The information below is required for Vaughan Nelson to identify and verify the person making the request pursuant to CCPA regulations in order to provide or delete the requested information.

Are you a California resident:         

First name:               

Last name:               

California Address: 

Email Address:        

       Right to Know Categories of Personal Information.
       Right to Know Specific Pieces of Personal Information.
          If exercising my Right to Know Specific Pieces of Information, I,
          declare, under the penalty of perjury, that I am the Consumer whose personal information is the subject of this request.
       Right to Know Categories Disclosed or Shared with a Third Party for a Business Purpose (Vaughan Nelson DOES NOT sell personal information)
       Right to Delete Personal Information.