Founded in 1970, Vaughan Nelson is a Houston-based investment manager with $16.4 billion under management as of December 31, 2023. As a boutique affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, S.A., we manage six (6) equity products and four (4) domestic fixed income products. 

Our Vision

Vaughan Nelson Investment Management is a globally recognized top tier investment manager of active investment strategies that are relevant today and in the future.

Our Mission

To provide for the financial wellbeing of our clients and employees through superior performance consistent with our values.

Our Firm *


  • $16.4 billion under management as of 12/31/2023
  • 6 Equity strategies
  • 4 Fixed Income strategies


  • 49 employees
  • 24 investment professionals
  • 12 CFAs
  • 3 Ph.D.s


  • Short term inefficiencies create long term opportunities
  • Concentrated, high active share
  • Targeted return focus
  • Consistent process across all market caps


  • Stock selection driven by rigorous, fundamental analysis
  • Margin of safety derived from a targeted return objective
  • View of macro environment to minimize volatility
  • Consideration of ESG factors

Clients *



* as of December 2023